The Longevity Program

Why this program?

If you're looking for a program that's going to keep you crushing it on the weekends but won't run you into the ground or keep you in the gym for more than an hour at a time then this is the program for you!

Who's it for & What's the payoff?

I created this program because I was tired of seeing people coming to see me as a physical therapist because they got injured working out. It's human nature to see the results from exercise and want to push harder and harder until... something breaks. While every program has risks The Longevity Program was created with your current capacity in mind. That means as you become stronger and more fit it will "grow" with you.

It does this via the breathwork components that are built into the program. Initially, the breathwork pieces act as a built-in braking mechanism that will keep you safe from over-reaching and over-training. Once you've adapted to them though they act as an accelerator for your progress. Instead of slowing you down they'll provide the internal environment your body needs to get the maximum benefit of your exercise.

Lastly living a long and happy life isn't just about physical health, which is why The Longevity Program also has a personal growth aspect built into it. These are simple journal prompts, thought exercises and planning cues to keep you on track so that you continue growing inside, and outside of the gym.

True Coach Tutorial Video

True Coach is the platform The Longevity Program is distributed through. The video below demonstrates how it works! 

Lori is a LONG TIME one on one client of mine. The work that we have done together laid the foundation for what has become "The Longevity Program." It's been transformative for her and it can be for you too!



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