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Fundamental basics are what constitute a sound foundation. Milk before meat walking before running, there is a progression to everything in this life and we would do well to remember that. This idea is where my fascination and commitment to the breath stems from. Breathing is arguably the most important and basic "movement" for every living person on this planet but we rarely invest any energy into exploring or honing this all important movement until we're forced to by illness or injury. We are all taking approximately 20,000 breaths every single day, and every single one of those breaths has a massive affect on nearly every single system of the body. That means there is a gateway opening into our nervous, cardiovascular, pulmonary, endocrine, reproductive, and muscular systems every single day. Lucky for us the door swings both ways. That means each of those systems can have an influence on the breath but the breath can also have just as heavy of an impact on them. Yes, you can manipulate those systems with your breath!

Think about the last time you were frightened, sad, ecstatic, excited, drifting off to sleep, having sex, in an argument, or watched a news report about something that disgusted you. I can guarantee you with almost utter certainty that your breathing changed nearly as predictably as your breathing changes when you head out for a run. Knowing that a connection like that exists and is a two way street is a game changer for performance, because let's face it all that performance is, is control. All things being equal the person/team that wins is the one who is in control of the most variables. The breath gives you more control over more internal variables than any other tool.

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