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Why Your Startup Can't Survive Without Stress Mastery

Stress is something that each and every one of us has to deal with at some point on some level. Sometimes we see the stress coming like the birth of a child or the launch of a product. Other times we can't, such as an unexpected personal tragedy that comes out of left field. Either way the result is the same, consumption of resources.

There are few things more troubling than unregulated consumption of resources when you're walking the razors edge trying to get a startup off the ground or trying to remain nimble once you've grown. But I'm not talking about wasting something so trivial as money I talking about pouring the most valuable asset you have down the drain, I'm talking about your attention.

What's more valuable than you're attention when you're building something important? I would contend that nothing even comes close. Why? Because everything else can be replaced, money,products, real estate, EVERYTHING can be replaced your attention can't. This becomes doubly important when we take a 30,000 foot view of your life and consider what it is your loved ones actually want from you... guess what... it's not your money, it's not your car, it's not your connections... it's your attention.

So what do you do? How can you safeguard not only your business ventures and ambitions but your personal relationships as well? I mean the world is constantly throwing jabs and hooks from all directions and eventually one two or maybe even ten of them are going to hit their mark. Will they send you reeling or will they put fire in your belly and accelerate your growth and drive?

That depends largely upon the way you've prepared for that situation. Not unlike sports or combat, training and personal preparation are the key. Not only are they the key to survival but they're the key to positive adaptation during those times of distress. The key is to be prepared both mentally/emotionally as well as physically. When I mention being prepared mentally or emotionally I think most people get the idea. We need to have a solid growth mindset, we need to be able to make decisions that aren't based on emotion or logical fallacies etc. But when I mention being physically prepared for stress that isn't generally considered physical in nature what comes to mind? Like really think about it have you ever considered not only the toll that stress, especially the stress of leadership, puts on your body but the way your body responds to stress? If not you aren't alone most people don't ever consider it, and that's a shame!

The reason it's such a shame is because the reactions that the human body has to stress give us profound insight not only into the mindset of the individual but they also give us access to tools that we can use to master the way we experience stress. That's because the road of physiology is a two way street. That means once you're aware of how your body and nervous system react to stress or even perceived stress YOU can disrupt the cycle and YOU can be in charge of your experience.

If you feel like you're coming up on one of those periods in life that might be filled with some of those jabs and hooks, or you just want to be prepared with a personal foundation broad enough and strong enough to support you and your ambitions, let's talk.

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